Liberty Lanes Coronavirus Update

Pinellas County Board of Commissioners has passed an emergency ordinance requiring face coverings

Please wear a face mask into the building and anytime you are not seated at your table or physically distant while bowling.

  1. Please wear a mask while using the restroom, ordering from the service counter, or walking around the building.
  2. When seated at your assigned table please feel free to take off your mask. 
  3. Obey regular bowling etiquette, one bowler at a time on the approach, and if who is first is in doubt, then the bowler on the right goes first, while making sure there is a 6-foot buffer and a mask is not required.

Bowling Etiquette:

When a bowler gets on the approach and there’s someone on either side of them, the general rule is that the first one on the approach bowls first. If there’s any question as to who was up first, the bowler on the right should bowl.

A bowler already lined up in their stance and ready to bowl should not wait, they should just go. Standing on the approach is not the place to talk with friends.

Once you’ve delivered the ball and it’s rolling down the lane, there’s a tendency to think that body language will help knock down more pins. This only works in theory. Remember to keep “whatever moves you” to your own lane. Staying in your own lane keeps others from getting distracted while they’re playing.

If a bowler scores a strike on the first ball, there is no need for them to remain at the ball returnIf the bowler doesn’t score a strike on the first ball, they should step off the approach to allow other players to bowl. 

Be considerate towards teammates and other bowlers on adjacent lanes. Respect your teammates and adapt a general attitude of good sportsmanship to everyone in the bowling center. After all, everyone is there to have fun too.

If anyone one would like more detail on the county’s ordinance it can be found at the link or address listed below:

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