Liberty Lanes Coronavirus Update

Liberty Lanes Re-opening  on May 18, 2020

I would like to thank our bowling community for showing your support for local health care, first responders, and the Liberty Lanes team.  Because of you we have fed dozens of ER’s, fire stations, law enforcement units, and paramedics.  Because of you we have had a purpose during this pandemic.

I would also like to fill you in on our plan for moving forward.  Effective Monday, May 18 the governor will allow us to open for bowling.  We have been working on practices to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff members.  We will limit the amount of lanes available at any given time and keep the appropriate spacing between groups.  I hope that you will be patient with us as we perfect the best way to achieve safety and fun.

Hours of operation; 9am to 10pm  Sunday – Thursday.  Friday and Saturday open until midnight.

Liberty Lanes will begin 10-weeks of summer leagues starting the week of June 1st.  Please click this link for your summer league schedule;  Again, we will follow whatever guidelines the state or county requires to ensure the safest possible environment for bowlers and staff.  Please see Phase 1 information below………..

We have been offering a discount on linage for the summer leagues to interested bowlers and will continue to do so until Friday, May 22nd.  Please use this link to save $35 on 10-weeks of summer bowling;  Pay only $80 for the entire 10-week summer league season!!  Offer ends on Friday May 22nd.

If you have any further questions please give us a call at; 727-397-3947 or email us at  We are open right now for take-out food service between noon and 8pm.  We will also like to keep delivering food to our local front line heroes, but need some more donations to do so.  See below….


Alex Ross

Opening for Phase 1

Supplies that are on hand to help protect employees and customers include:

  • Disinfectant spray – Shoes, tables, bowling balls, tables, doors
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations – Employees & Customer use
  • Masks – Employee
  • Gloves – Employee
  • Social Distancing Decals
  • Disposable menus, cups, wrapped plastic ware, food served in boats and to go containers
  • Bleach – Wipe down services
  • Alcohol – Wipe down bowling balls
  • 2 non-contact thermometers – Screen employees and/or customers


  • Hours of operation 9:00am-10:00pm Sunday – Thursday.  Friday and Saturday until midnight.
  • Occupancy 50% approx. 134 people
  • Customers must reserve in advance to avoid overflow, waiting list and ultimately too many people. Also allow 15 minutes in between scheduling groups on a designated lane to allow cleaning.
  • 1 Entrance way w/ doorman (by Front Desk) and 2 exits (side entrances that are locked w/ no entrance from outside but may exit from inside of building) to limit contact with other customers.
  • Screen Customers for temperature
  • Take customer contact information (Name, address, phone #, date in, and time spent there) to allow for contact tracing.
  • Give customers lane assignments. All payments and services will be conducted at customer’s assigned lane.
  • Assigned lanes will have disposable menus, and hand sanitizer.
  • The customer will use the console to call for service (food, drinks, or lane assistance)
  • We will have a server and a lane attendant to help customers directly at the lanes. There will not be any need for a customer to leave area unless to use the restroom, visit the pro-shop or exit the building. Everything else will be blocked off. House balls will be brought to customers, none will be available unless brought by lane attendant.
  • 16 lanes will be available which will leave at least 1 lanes in between each group. This will allow each group to be more than 6 feet away and allow us to move a customer in case a lane breaks down.
  • A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in a group.
  • After group is finished bowling, they will leave everything at their designated area (rental shoes, trash, house bowling balls) and exit out one of the side entranceways. One of our staff members will disinfect the area with bleach water (tables, chairs, console, and ball return) and alcohol (bowling balls). Disposable menus will be thrown out and replaced. Hand sanitizer will be refilled if necessary and sanitized its self. Rental shoes will be brought back to Front Desk by staff member to be sprayed down with disinfectant spray. Bowling balls may also be disinfected with a ball detoxifier (heats bowling balls to 140 degrees) located in the pro-shop.
  • A staff member will be constantly wiping down entrance/exit doors, cleaning bathrooms and tables.
  • Any customer that is ordering take-out may wait in lounge area and exit out one of the side entranceways.
  • The front entrance by the Front Desk will be roped off so nobody can exit where people are entering the building.

Liberty lanes wants to help the local community. Liberty Lanes is asking for you help to feed healthcare workers and other first responders. Please donate by clicking the button below.